Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule (Subject to change)
Fee Description Fee Amount
Excessive Share Overdraft Transfers ( 10 free per month) $2.50 per transfer
EFT transaction returned NSF $30.00 per item
Visa debit pinned transactions $0.00  per item
Early withdrawal fee $25.00 per withdrawal
NSF draft paid on negative balance $30.00 per draft
Check returned insufficient funds (NSF) $30.00 per draft
Stop payment fee $30.00 per item
Deposit item returned (DIR) $30.00 per item
Draft presented for collection $30.00 per item
Draft copy $3.00 per draft
Statement balancing $15.00 per hour
Accounts closed, drafts not returned $10.00 per account
Account histories $1.00 per page
Check printing charge (varies with style) $15.00 per box of 120
Minimum balance – less than $500 (Dividend Checking) $8.00 per month
Visa Debit replacement card $5.00 per card
Visa Debit ATM withdrawal fee (not our ATM) $1.00 per withdrawal
Statement copies $2.00 per page
Money Orders $1.00 each
Cashiers Checks $2.50 each
Below Par fee $10.00 per incident
Accts closed within 60 days $10.00 per account
Wire Transfer – Domestic $20.00 outgoing
Wire Transfer – International $30.00 outgoing
Visa replacement card rush fee $30.00 each
Lien Release (1st one free) $15.00 each
Garnishment/Levy $35.00 each
Photocopies(1st 5 free) $0.20 per page
Subpoena $1.00 per page
Visa Gift Card $5.00 per card
Dormant Member Fee (no activity for 24 mos, over 18, $500 or less) $5.00 per month
On-us checks cashed ( non mbr ) $2.50 per check
Cashiers checks cashed (on-us, non mbr ) $5.00 per check ($5000 limit)
Visa Credit Card same day payment (limited availability) $2.00 per payment